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Harrison Duwel Post #7570 Veterans of Foreign Wars was chartered on June 9, 1946. The Post was named in honor of Edward and Elmer Duwel, brothers who made the ultimate sacrifice during World War II.  Harry A. Rolfes was the first commander and the Post was chartered with 43 members.


During the first 11 years of our charter, meetings were held in numerous locations.  Then in 1957, the Harrison VFW Duwel Post 7570 found two parcels of land on Lawrenceburg Road to purchase and to call home.  The initial facilities on one parcel was known as “Twilight Gardens”, “The Hall,” and “Two Summer Cottages.”  The second parcel was farm land.


Currently, the multi-complex facility resides on over 10 acres. The Harrison VFW is open to the public and includes:

  • The Canteen Bar – main building
  • Veterans Event Center – main building
  • Cabana on the Whitewater Bar & Grill – outdoor facility along the river
  • Large field
  • Large parking area

Our post has more than 600 members including Veterans, Men’s Auxiliary and LOV’s (Love our Veteran Society).  Many of our members volunteer their time and effort to raise funds for our veterans and their families, the VFW facility and the community.


Not only is the Harrison VFW Duwel Post 7570 one of the most active veterans’ organization in the area, it is also open to the public.   You don’t need to be a member to drop by and visit our facilities, enjoy a refreshing cocktail at one of our great bars, or maybe even book your next special occasion at the Veterans Event Center.


Our Officers

Commander                    Mike Whitner

Sr. Vice Commander     Harry Power

Jr. Vice Commander     William Floyd

Quartermaster                Sonny Haubner

Adjutant                           Michael Rice

Judge Advocate              Allen Schmitz

Surgeon                           Jim Dole

Chaplain                          Jane Powell


  • Andy Miller (3 year)
  • Wayne Turner (2 year)
  • Joseph Blust (1 year)


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